Engaging People in Safety


No more accidents at work

Shine motivates employees to report near-misses, creating a better and safer work environment.

Why shine

Because it is a fast, fun and effectful tool, which stimulates a safety culture and thereby increases safety at the workplace.

How Shine works

How Shine works

1. Spot a danger or safety issue
2.Capture it through photo or video
3.Share it with your colleagues
4.Receive recognition for sharing

Resulting in increased communication around safety at the workplace – creating a safer and better work environment.


Tangible benefits of using Shine

Focusing on health and safety with Shine benefits the work environment as well as the bottom line, here are some results from our customers.

8M $

Additional revenue created for one company







Have improved customer satisfaction scores by 25%


Avg. increase in the number of employees reporting


Why our customers are using Shine

“Bringing Shine to our account has played an essential part in getting everyone to actively engage in putting forward a proactive safety culture.”

– Contract Developer, Denmark

“Shine enables people to communicate and provide feedback on reportings more easily – and they are now more eager to do so”

– Facilities Manager, Denmark

“It’s playful and competitive… I mean just look at the scoreboard… I’m one person who wants to be on the top, and I’m pretty sure other people want to be there too. So come and get me, I’m nearly there!”

– Frontliner, Sweden




Shine is now partnering with Byggeriets Arbejdsmiljøbus!


As of August 28, 2019 Shine has been partnering with Byggeriets Arbejdsmiljøbus, also known as Bam-bus.

Bam-bus is a Danish organisation that are advising companies on how to increase safety, avoid work accidents, and create an overall safer working environment. The Bam-bus safety consultants are using Shine as part of their safety advisement to companies, and are encouraging these companies to implement Shine as a way to enhance their safety culture.

Additionally, the Bam-bus consultants are using Shine internally in order to ensure that they are continuously fostering a safe working environment – also within Bam-bus! 

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